Premier League Half Season Awards 2016-17

It’s been a tumultuous time of year; fixtures are flying left, right and centre, where can the time be found?  Well no need to worry about that as it’s the Premier League half season awards!!!  Sit back enjoy and discover which players have been the standouts for the season so far. Continue reading “Premier League Half Season Awards 2016-17”

The 2015/16 Premier League Review

2015/16 will go down as one of the craziest Premier League seasons ever, a year where no hopers won the league, the champions were nowhere to be seen, and heck we have had a bomb scare.  The Premier League this season really showed that anything can happen, there is great parity. Continue reading “The 2015/16 Premier League Review”

Manchester United Season Review 2015/16

It has been three years since Alex Ferguson stepped down as Manchester United manager, and it has been three years of frustrating football for Utd fans.  After achieving the minimum requirements expected last season, Van Gaal went into this season with heightened expectations; ultimately he and the team came up short. Continue reading “Manchester United Season Review 2015/16”

Premier League Second Team of the Year 2015/16

You can’t always be a winner in life, sometimes you have done something outstanding but you never get the credit for it because there was one person who was just that little bit better.  Well we here at bm23 sports reviews like to look beyond the top of the list and give credit to those players who weren’t quite good enough to get into the team of the season, but still had a tremendous season. Continue reading “Premier League Second Team of the Year 2015/16”

Premier League Season Awards 2015/16

You know that moment in life where you think that life isn’t worth living anymore?  That moment where all seems lost and why not just end it all?  Then you remind yourself that you have yet to read the Premier League Season Awards for the 2015/16 season and remember that life is in fact worth living?  Well put those suicidal thoughts to the side and put your excited hat firmly on, because the 3rd annual Premier League season awards are finally here! Continue reading “Premier League Season Awards 2015/16”