2018 World Cup Pre-Tournament Betting Tips

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5 Tips for the Open 2015

The biggest competition in golf has returned once again and it is making its way to the home of golf and the most iconic golf course in the world of St. Andrews.  Amazingly enough the defending champion Rory McIlroy won’t be able to attempt to retain his crown after picking up an ankle ligaments injury playing football…what a dafty.

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World Cup Day 19 Betting Tips.


Day 18 almost provided us two shocks but once again the favourites pulled through in the end.  So far 6/6 of the group winners have went on to win their last 16 round, in case you are wondering 8/8 has never been done since the switch to 32 teams (France 98).  So are we in for a shock on Day 19?  History certainly says yes.

The games for Day 19 are Argentina v Switzerland and Belgium v USA

Argentina to win Both teams to score    12/5

For all the world Argentina should win this game, but they can’t defend.  Switzerland have players who can score goals and I think will score at least the one, I think Argentina will score more.  I think the last 16 has been very good but if you look at it only one game has had three or more goals in 90 minutes, which was Holland Mexico which had two very late goals.  I think this game will buck the trend because of the quality of finishing Argentina in particular have on offer.

Angel Di Maria first scorer                           8/1

Did you know how many Argentinian players have scored not named Messi?  One, Marcos Rojo.  Incredible isn’t it?  Look at the attacking talent that this side has, yet only one of their attackers has actually score.  Messi has carried the team so far but there is only so far one man can carry a team because their arms will get tired.  Di Maria has been their next best player and he has been threatening to score for a number of games now, he’s due one.

Belgium and Both teams to score             15/4

Belgium are very industrial and are yet to light the tournament on fire, the USA are a team defunct of stars yet they have made it to the knockout stages.  I think USA will score and I think Belgium will score, so the question is what will happen after that?  Belgium are the better team and logic says they win.  It wouldn’t shock me if USA take the lead and Belgium come back to win the game, that’s how I see it going anyway.

Belgium USA Over 2.5 Goals                       27/20

Pretty much read what I wrote above and it only comes naturally that over 2.5 goals will happen, so there you go.

I know what you’re thinking you said that 8/8 has never happened but you’ve essentially predicted that it will happen…so…why bring it up?  Well that’s the thing of the two matches you naturally think that Belgium are the most likely to go out but I actually think that the most vulnerable team is Argentina.  They’ve grossly underperformed so far and will be in serious trouble if Messi doesn’t show up.  I genuinely think that Switzerland at 13/2 is a really good price, I have my doubts it will happen but of the two games I think that’s where the shock is.

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World Cup Day 18 Betting Tips.


Day 17 of the World Cup didn’t look like much on paper, how wrong could that be?  Two games packed with drama, two games with decisive stoppage time goals, one of the best extra times you will ever see and everyone loves a penalty shootout, quite a remarkable day.

The games for Day 18 are France v Nigeria and Germany v Algeria.

France Nigeria Over 2.5 Goals                    17/20

France are heavy odds on but I think it is a closer game than the bookies would have you believe.  With that in mind I don’t think there is any real value on betting with France, so due to the fact that I think that we will see goals over 2.5 at about evens is a good price.

France to win Both teams to score           12/5

I think France will win and I think they will concede, Nigeria aren’t as bad as some people are making out and could put up a genuine threat.  I do think France will have enough to win but will concede along the way, it should be an open game.

Germany to win -2                                          2/1

This game is more one sided than the France game, so the odds are even worse.  Germany will win the match because Algeria are pretty shit, they will however try and defend for their lives and that could cause Germany problems.  If Germany score one the score could be pretty much anything, but it will be dependent on the first goal coming prior to half time.

Howedes first goal scorer                            25/1

It really is tough to pick up good odds for this game because Germany or such heavy favourites, however due to the way that Algeria will likely play the game Germany’s best chance of scoring will come from a set piece.  Howedes has been threatening to score for a couple of games now, so it’s worth a go.

It is always pretty hard to find good value when two teams are so heavily favourite (unless you want to back the underdogs) but who knows after todays Holland game maybe there is a shock waiting to happen.

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World Cup Day 17 Betting Tips.



Day 16 saw Brazil and Colombia progress to the quarter finals of the World Cup.  Colombia looked very impressive in doing so as they took apart Uruguay with ease, however Brazil scraped through against Chile and were very lucky in doing so.  I think after this performance and their performances in the group stages people are beginning to realise that Brazil don’t have a good team and it will be a huge ask for them to win this.

The matches for Day 17 are Holland v Mexico and Costa Rica v Greece.

Holland                                                                                11/10

I’m surprised that you can find Holland at better than evens.  They have been excellent so far at this World Cup and should be more than good enough to beat Mexico.

Holland-Mexico Over 2.5 goals                 11/10

Mexico have defended very well in this World Cup so far, Holland less so, Holland will score at least twice and I think Mexico will probably get one as well, so over 2.5 goals at better than evens is pretty good.

RVP to be Top Scorer                                     10/1

RVP has scored 3 goals so far in the tournament, which puts him 2 behind Rodriguez with a game in hand.  Keep in mind that RVP will play against Mexico and then Costa Rica/Greece, two games in which he is likely to see plenty of opportunities.  Holland could go all the way to the final and if that is the case then you can’t see them doing so without RVP making a major contribution.

Greece-Costa Rica Draw                                               21/10

Hands up if you think this game is going to be dire?  Everyone?  Somehow I’m not surprised…Although it isn’t what I’ve put in I would be pretty surprised if this wasn’t a 0-0 (5/1 if you’re interested).  I get the feeling that both teams will go out and try not to lose and it will create a dire game in which neither team really tries to attack.  Hopefully not but I can’t see anything but a draw here.

Greece to win on Penalties                        9/1

As I said I think it will be a draw, and if it is a draw then it will almost certainly go to penalties, if it goes to penalties it is a 50/50 outcome and it is just up to who you think will go through.  Both teams can be found at 9/1 so although I’m tipping Greece if you disagree you can still get Costa Rica at the same price.

Day 17 brings us the glamorous Dutch and the worst game of the last 16 as Costa Rica meet Greece.  After two pretty good games on the first day here’s hoping that the second round of last 16 games are equally as good.

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