Champions League Final Review 16-17

Your new champions of Europe once again is Real Madrid for an incredible third time in four years, the first team to retain the Champions League in its current format, quite the incredible feat. Continue reading “Champions League Final Review 16-17”


Euro 2016 Final Review

Portugal are the new champions of Europe!!! In what can only be called a drab affair, with two teams playing lethargic football and looking scared to do anything but pass it sideways and wait for penalties, only for the god of Eder stepped up and changed the history books forever. Continue reading “Euro 2016 Final Review”

UEFA Champions League Final 2016 Preview

It’s the Champions League final, the biggest match in club football!  Just in case you are wondering, no we haven’t travelled back in time to 2014 (could do with slipping that tenner on Leicester…), it’s just the same final as we had then, as the two Madrid teams battle it out to decide who is this year’s champions of Europe. Continue reading “UEFA Champions League Final 2016 Preview”