Premier League Quarter Season Awards 2017-18

Ohhhhh yeesssssss!!! It’s that time of year again and that can only mean one thing…the Premier League Quarter Season Awards! Yes the awards that all of the players in the Premier League and throughout have been waiting for. Never mind that Ballon d’Or rubbish, this is the one that counts, so settle in and find out who the winners are. Continue reading “Premier League Quarter Season Awards 2017-18”


Premier League Season Awards 2015/16

You know that moment in life where you think that life isn’t worth living anymore?  That moment where all seems lost and why not just end it all?  Then you remind yourself that you have yet to read the Premier League Season Awards for the 2015/16 season and remember that life is in fact worth living?  Well put those suicidal thoughts to the side and put your excited hat firmly on, because the 3rd annual Premier League season awards are finally here! Continue reading “Premier League Season Awards 2015/16”

PFA Player of the Year 2016 Analysis

Why the Premier League have the Players Player of the Year vote long before the actual end of the season in this day of instant technology is totally beyond me, however the archaic voting system still sticks to the old style where the only way to submit your vote was through the post. Continue reading “PFA Player of the Year 2016 Analysis”