Super Bowl XLIX Betting Tips

The Super Bowl is here once again and the entire world wants to know what they should be throwing their hard earned cash on to make that into more cash and hence make them mega rich. Thankfully for my adoring public I’m back with some of my highly useful betting tips!

First off here’s a little preview of the match itself just for you guys. This match is made for the Seahawks to win (my pre-season tip); the Patriots struggle against good defensive teams and don’t defend well against the big boy running backs. You only need to take a look at how the Patriots played against the Jets this season (two games which they undeservedly narrowly won) to see that the Seahawks are custom built to beat the Patriots. In contrast if the Patriots can run up a score (which isn’t beyond them and their questionable tactics) I don’t see the Seahawks being able to keep in touch. The Pats won’t make the silly mistakes which the Packers made to allow the Seahawks back into the game, they are master game managers and they know how to kick you when you’re down. The other positive for the Pats is that the Seahawks are carrying a number of injuries in the secondary (Seahawks strongest area), something which will play right into their hands. For me the Super Bowl is the Seahawks to lose and they should win when you evaluate the two rosters, but when you take into consideration the injuries and the craftiness of the Patriots, I don’t think it is a guarantee by any means, it should be a good game.

Now onto the actual betting tips
super bowl xlix ball 2

Seahawks to win 10/11

It’s a straight up who’s going to win. According to the bookies there is nothing to choose between the two, so if you fancy the Pats then bet them at the same price, but as I said above I think the game is the Seahawks to lose.

Total Points Under 47.5 10/11

I don’t see this game being particularly high scoring; it is more likely to be a defensive slugfest. With that in mind I think this is a decent price, and if you’re feeling more adventurous then double it with who you think the winner will be.

Lynch MVP 9/2

marshawn lynch
If the Patriots win the MVP will almost certainly be Brady, if the Seahawks win then the MVP will almost certainly be either Wilson or Lynch. Lynch is the Seahawks main threat and as I said above is the type of runner which the Pats struggle mightily against. Expect him to have a big game.

Blount first TD scorer 9/1

The Patriots are likely to try and come out fast, running the ball at the Seahawks to open up the passing game for later on in the game. 9/1 for a starting running back who was on lightning form in the last game is an absolute steal.

To be honest there are too many markets and most of them are pretty stupid, but here’s a selection of throw away bets which are good prices and worth a wee punt on.

Over 4.5 sacks 11/10
Total punts under 8.5 5/6
Seahawks to have over 3.5 ball rushers 10/13
Largest lead in game under 14.5 5/7
2 pt conversion attempt 7/4

So there you have it here’s your tips for the Super Bowl. Personally I’m hoping the Patriots lose because they are my least favourite team and generic cheating comment about how they don’t deserve to be here and stuff. Generally I would just look for a good game, but…yeah…I really dislike the Patriots…so that isn’t really the case here… My misgivings about the Patriots apart enjoy the game and don’t forget to join up on Facebook and Twitter because why the fuck not?