Belated Man Utd 2017-18 Review

I started writing this pre-World Cup, however due to World Cup and my pure laziness it sort of got lost in the annuls of things to do.  I post this purely to have something to relate to when looking back on the 2017-18 season.  I had written more but felt the general overview was the most relevant, whereas the rest wouldn’t make as much sense. Continue reading “Belated Man Utd 2017-18 Review”


World Cup 2018 Final Review

A month of football has gone by and the champions of the world have been crowned and this year it’s France. The best squad in the competition stood up to the expectation put on them prior to the tournament and took the crown in impressive style. Continue reading “World Cup 2018 Final Review”

17-18 Champions League Final Review

For the fourth time in five years Real Madrid are the champions of Europe, in what is an incredible feat not seen since the seventies. Continue reading “17-18 Champions League Final Review”

The 2015/16 Premier League Review

2015/16 will go down as one of the craziest Premier League seasons ever, a year where no hopers won the league, the champions were nowhere to be seen, and heck we have had a bomb scare.  The Premier League this season really showed that anything can happen, there is great parity. Continue reading “The 2015/16 Premier League Review”