Premier League 18-19 Season Preview

Another season another Premier League season preview, yet this time around it’s a little bit special as it’s a Premier League season preview/transfer window review! Continue reading “Premier League 18-19 Season Preview”


Premier League 2017-18 Season Preview

Writing a season preview is always a tricky proposition because it’s a bit like playing a hand of poker whilst only looking at one of your cards, you have an idea of what your hand is like but your opinion on it could easily change once you see that second card, or in this case once the transfer window closes. Continue reading “Premier League 2017-18 Season Preview”

The 2015-16 Premier League Season Preview

One of the worst things about writing a preview for the new league season is that it’s like writing the start of a book then trying to predict the end of the book before actually knowing what goes in the middle.  The transfer window is not closed, in fact there are still a number of weeks left to sign players, giving each team a chance to buy a superstar or sell their best player.  With that in mind a season preview has to be taken with a pinch of salt and after the window closes everyone will have a better idea of how the league season will go.  Despite all that here’s a season preview of the Premier League! Continue reading “The 2015-16 Premier League Season Preview”