Is Sebastian Vettel Bad for Formula 1?


The picture that so many Formula 1 fans have become accustomed to seeing through the years happened again this weekend at Monza; Sebastian Vettel from pole position lead the entire race (excluding a few laps where Fernando Alonso was out of synch with pit stops) and never looked like losing in any way at all.  It is becoming a pattern that most fans will recognise, and many fans will despise.  Vettel going from pole to the top step of the podium is not a new pattern for Sebastian Vettel; Monza was the 22nd occurrence of this happening in his fairly short career.  However there is a new pattern emerging for Sebastian Vettel (especially in Europe), one where he finds himself on the podium and is royally booed by the attending crowd, much to his own dismay.

Why are so many people starting to turn against Vettel?  You could comment that he was booed at Monza because he beat Alonso in the Ferrari, however why then was he booed at Spa, Silverstone, Canada and Australia?  The booing of Sebastian Vettel is one of those things that cannot be ignored or dismissed with a simple explanation like this; there are greater issues at the heart of the Sebastian Vettel hate that is going around Formula 1 at the current moment.

First off let me say that Sebastian Vettel is one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers ever (three world championships, with a fourth pending), and I know that a lot of people will vehemently disagree with this but at the age of 26, Vettel is already the (tied) fourth highest most winning Formula 1 driver ever.  I do think these numbers should be taken into context, because Vettel has spent the majority of his career (the past five seasons) in a car that is the best on the grid, obviously there are more races now than there was in the 60’s, reliability it at an all-time high and the chances of fatality are at an all-time low, essentially Vettel is driving in a time that allows him to set these incredible feats.  However the best comparison to Vettel is Lewis Hamilton, because both started around the same time and both have mainly raced in a top car (Hamilton with a couple seasons in a top car more than Vettel), and Vettel has ten more wins.  People say that Vettel can only win from the front and can’t overtake, although this is clearly not true because Vettel has won ten races after not being on pole, and at Toro Rosso (as well as at Red Bull) he showed he is excellent at overtaking.  Is Vettel brilliant at taking the lead and holding onto it for an entire race?  Yes, he is clearly the best at it on the grid but that doesn’t mean the man can’t overtake, because he can.

The easiest comparison that somebody could create for Sebastian Vettel is Michael Schumacher.  Not only are they both German, they both upset Formula 1 fans, they are both perennial winners and they both drove in the best cars on the grid.  In many ways the comparison seems lazy, but Vettel will openly tell you that he emulates Schumacher and that he is his hero.  When Vettel wins he jumps onto the top step ala Schumacher, Vettel has had some (let’s say) questionable incidents ala Schumacher and Vettel dominates his opposition ala Schumacher.  There are serious comparisons between the two, almost to the extent that Vettel is the second coming of Schumacher.

Sport is about competition, it is about unpredictability and it is about excitement.  When one person dominates a sport, it makes it less entertaining and people are more likely to tune out than in.  Would people watch the Premier League if a team won every single game they played?  No, they wouldn’t.  I’m not saying that Vettel wins every single race, but only once this season (British GP, retirement) has Vettel finished outside of fourth, and only once has he qualified lower than third (9th at Chinese GP); hardly exciting nail biting stuff.  It is to Vettel’s credit that he is very consistent but people want to watch the front runners battle it out for first, not the middle pack battling it out for tenth, and when Vettel leads this doesn’t happen.  Monza was a great example of how boring Formula 1 can be, at no point did it look like Vettel wouldn’t win, and the battles for positions up to sixth were a total non-event.  Formula 1 has been a bit like this in all of Vettel’s championship winning seasons (2011 being by far the worst) and 2013 feels like just another version of this in the Sebastian Vettel book of winning world championships.  So is it the way the Vettel consistently wins that makes people boo him?  I honestly don’t think it helps him, but I don’t think it is the root of the problem.  It is frustrating though to sit down and watch a sport only for the same result to happen at the end of the season, it isn’t Vettel’s fault (because why shouldn’t he try and win every year) but for the viewer it is not what you want to see.

I don’t think that his perceived boring driving style or his domination of the sport over the past four years help Sebastian Vettel in people’s minds, but I also don’t think that they are enough for people to boo him.  In my opinion the reason Vettel jumps from disliked to booed is his treatment of the drivers around him and his general arrogance.  There is no doubt that Vettel thinks that he is the best driver on the grid (which is highly questionable) and I am sure that this rubs a lot of people up the wrong way.  When Vettel throws up his one finger salute, you can almost hear the entire Formula 1 audience cringe.  Even the drivers have made derogatory comments about the Vettel salute (in particular Jenson Button).

It is however Vettel’s disregard for his fellow drivers that makes people hate Sebastian Vettel.  There are two examples that best exemplify this to me, and they both include Vettel’s fellow Red Bull teammate Mark Webber (the man who has been most at the brunt of Vettel’s selfishness).  The first example of this was in Turkey in 2010 when both Webber and Vettel were battling for the World Championship.  Webber was just in front of Vettel (and a number of others) in a tight race, where the team told both drivers to not do anything stupid.  Vettel obliged by attempting to overtake Webber, getting half his car in front before inexplicably turning into Webber’s car and causing the two of them to crash (forcing Vettel to retire).  Not only did it cost Webber the race (finished 3rd) but it was more Vettel’s reaction after the race where he thoroughly blamed Webber for an incident that was clearly his fault.  However the greatest moment of them all, the moment where it became apparent that Sebastian Vettel was a total dick and only cared about number one (also the very moment that I myself began to dislike him) was this year (2013) in Malaysia.  With Webber in first after a nice race and Vettel sitting in second, Red Bull told both drivers to turn their engines down and stay in formation.  Webber obliged because he is a good team man, whereas Vettel decided that he was above the team orders and with total disregard for his teammate forcefully passed him despite being told over the radio that he had to stop doing what he was doing.  It is made even worse when you consider that Mercedes forced Nico Rosberg to sit behind Lewis Hamilton despite being faster, for the entire race, showing not all Germans don’t listen to team commands.  Surely after the race Red Bull would punish Vettel, however not unsurprisingly nothing happened.  It is at this very moment that I think the Formula 1 universe turned against Sebastian Vettel, and it is the reason that so many people are now booing him.

For all the people that say that Vettel is the superior driver to Webber, don’t forget that Vettel gets all the upgrades before Webber, he gets the preferential treatment from the team and he gets preferential treatment in regards to race day tactics.  I’m not saying that Vettel isn’t the better driver, because he is but the gap isn’t as big as the point’s differential would show because of the reasons above.  If you watched the pre-podium footage at Monza you can clearly see how strained (being nice) the relationship between Webber and Vettel is.  Webber deliberately stood with his back towards Vettel, excluding him from the conversation he was having with Alonso.  This is Mark Webber, one of the nicest guys in Formula 1, yet Vettel has pushed him so far that he is blatantly excluding him from a conversation.

Monza was just the first of many, and you have to wonder how he is going to be received outside of Europe where it is more likely he will receive generous welcomes.  However the question of the post was is Sebastian Vettel bad for Formula 1?  I have to say yes, because of his arrogance, his unsportsmanlike conduct and his domination for the sport.  The first two are just part of his personality and will likely never change, and in many ways sport is at its best when there is someone that you can root against.  It is however his (and Red Bull’s) dominance that is ruining Formula 1.  It isn’t fun tuning in to watch the same man win a race or win a championship every time, for a sport to be great it needs parity, and currently Formula 1 doesn’t have parity.  Things don’t look like they are getting better either with Mark Webber retiring (most likely because of how he has been treated throughout by Red Bull in regards to Vettel) and is being replaced by the fairly inexperienced Daniel Ricciardo (who will very much play second fiddle to Vettel).  Teams likes Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes are going to have to step it up because it seems just now that Red Bull are well ahead of each team when it comes to developing a car that can win a championship.  I am certain that Vettel will win his fourth Formula 1 World Championship this season, but for the good of Formula win he can’t win a fifth one in 2014.


What do you think of Sebastian Vettel?  Do you disagree that he is bad for Formula 1?  How do you think the rest of the season will go, and do you think someone could catch him?  Let me know and leave a comment.  Also you can like BM23reviews Facebook page or follow BM23reviews on Twitter by clicking on the links.  Thanks for reading.


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  1. If I wrote infantile drivel like that, I would not put my name to it either. To take just one example, you either ignore or else don’t know the fact that Mark Webber has a history of ignoring team orders at Red Bull.


    1. Infantile drivel? Pretty harsh when you say that and then only give one example of why you think it is infantile drivel. Pretty stupid of you really, especially when you take something that is fairly superficial. What driver hasn’t ignored team orders? The case you refer to wasn’t nearly as serious as the two Vettel ones I refer to, and to be fair to Webber, Vettel had ignored team orders to Webber’s demise more than the other way around.

      Plus I’m not ignoring anything, this isn’t a piece about team orders, this is a piece about Sebastian Vettel and this was THE major moment in the Formula 1 crowds turning on Vettel, you can’t deny its significance because you disagree with the post.


      1. “What driver hasn’t ignored team orders?”

        Did you read the article you are commenting on? The indictment of Vettel centers on his not obeying team orders, while, and I quote. “Webber obliged because he is a good team man”. The same Webber who has bragged many times about not obeying team orders! As I say, infantile drivel written by some anonymous hack who won’t even put his name out there.


      2. So you’ve decided that Jonny Barrnet isn’t your name then? You sure it’s John Sullivan now?

        I do know what your level of intelligence is (I am guessing very very low) but you would think you would be able to put two and two together and work out that the guy commenting as bm23reviews on the blog bm23sportsreviews may just be the same guy, but maybe that is me.

        So to answer your question of did I read the article, the answer is yes because I also wrote the article, so……thanks for comin, the doors on your left.


      3. IF that was “THE major moment in the Formula 1 crowds turning on Vettel”, it is only because dishonest people keep circulating the absurd fiction that Mark Webber was a loyal and and obedient team servant who was stabbed i the back. This is a lie which is being spread, and you are among the dishonest people spreading it. Webber has been defying team orders at Red Bull for years. Accept that reality and the feigned outrage over Vettel doing the same can be seen for what it is – disgusting hypocrisy.


      4. Wow you love commenting on this, it is almost like it is your entire being. Why do you hate Mark Webber so much? Did he kick you in the nuts once or something? I know people from Jersey are a bit hot headed but dude you have an obsession problem.

        Feigned outrage? Where is the feigned part? I genuinely think that was the moment that a lot of Formula 1 fans turned on Vettel (myself included), it will go down in history like Schumacher Hill as the turning point in a lot of people’s estimations of him as a professional.


    2. There’s my name John Sullivan, hunt me out if you like.
      But your a complete idiot, don’t blame someone for being one sided when you are blatantly harbouring your own one sided blinding love for vettel.
      Silly ****


      1. Em….so which is it John Sullivan or Jonny Barnett? Because to me that looks like two different names, but then again apparently I’m a simpleton.

        Don’t blame someone for being one sided when you are blatantly harbouring your own one sided one sided blinding love for Vettel? Did you read what I wrote? Clearly not because your comment makes absolutely no sense at all. At what point did I say that I loved Vettel? When did I show any kind of a biased view towards him? I didn’t, and if you had actually read it rather than coming on and making stupid comments you would have realised that, and you claim that I am the idiot……I think you got it the wrong way around.

        You can also swear on this because it was written by a grown up (I write that because I assume you’re like 12) and swearing doesn’t offend me.


  2. Guess what? Boooo! If you don’t like highly competitive people and teams dominating others like they were maggots, switch off the tv, don’t book that ticket and shut the fuck up! I’m not a Vettle fan. I just believe in letting those who have worked hard to become superior to most to have the utmost right to continue championing their cause, regardless of what the other 100 to 100,000,000 lesser mortals think. It is human nature to want to get on top and dominate. That’s how empires were built. Webber was, is, is being outclassed and deserves what he gets for not being good enough, and the RBR team agree when they didn’t do anything to Vettle after Malaysia ’13.

    Booooo to you once again!


    1. Well done, showing your intelligence right there. I am giving you a slow clap to show you how impressed I am…..

      Also who is Vettle? I wrote this about Vettel.

      When did I say I didn’t like competitive people? I didn’t, what I said was I don’t like when sports are boring, and when one driver wins all the time over 4 years it becomes boring. If you actually read the thing you would have understood that and wouldn’t just be coming on here and making stupid irrelevant comments with usernames that you think are funny but just make you look like a total prick.


      1. Vettel is a silly bitch in the best car..others way more talented than him..wait til next year when the Renault power plant has less power than Mercedes and Ferrari…..we shall see.

        All you Vettel wagoneers will shut down..let’s bet on how many drivers take him out..just because of his arrogance


      2. I think you’re pretty harsh, he is an excellent driver. Are there better drivers on the grid? I would say yes (Alonso and Kimi for sure) but to have the dominance he has, he couldn’t be a bad driver.

        I also seriously doubt that any drivers are going to go out of their way to take him out, that is just silly regardless of whether or not he is arrogant.


  3. thanks. I think u expressed what many people on BBC F1 forum are thinking, but in a nicely written way.

    Kinda have to feel sorry for SV now…

    – yes it’s boring for the audience seeing the same guy win but should he loose on purpose just to please the British F1 fans?

    – being super aggressive and overambitious is the definition of a race driver

    – it’s really not his fault that he is better than MW. MW had his chance in 2010.

    – all other drivers are dicks too. Think of LH lying at Melbourne 2012. Alonso getting Massa’s qualifying spot or him wining Singapore with the help of his teammate crashing on purpose. And so on. They are all ego driven maniacs. Seeing JB playing the soft positive guy is almost more annoying.

    PS: booing in Spa was towards the activists not SV


    1. I agree with what you are saying. It isn’t the way Vettel carries himself that really annoys me, he isn’t even my least favourite driver on the grid (Hamilton is). It is because he wins all the time and it makes the sport monotonous, then when you add all the other shit on top I can’t help but dislike him. It isn’t Vettel’s fault he’s in the best car or that he is an excellent driver, if he acted like he does and was a back marker nobody would care.

      It’s all a bit of a catch 22, you want the best drivers but the best drivers tend to not be nice people.

      Ah I remember watching the Belgian on the day and hearing the boos and they referred to them as being protesters, but then the boos started up again and I naturally assumed it was Vettel, didn’t realise there was two. Thanks for the video.


  4. I like your article, but at some points you judge him so harshly. I’m not Seb’s biggest fan, but he proved he can race under pressure and he had to fight for his titles (especially the third one). Formula 1 is now mainly about the cars, not the racers. Vettel and RBR make the perfect team and we have to wait and hope that someone will beat them soon. All the good and successful drivers were criticized and hated by many people when they were racing. Now we remember primarily the things they achieved. I agree that there might be better drivers on the grid…


    1. Thanks. Don’t get me wrong, if every driver drove the exact same cars I think Vettel would still be up there. He is also very good at driving under pressure, the only time I can think of him making a blatant mistake under pressure was in Canada 2011.

      It is always the way of things that when people are active and at the very top of the game, they are often disliked. It wouldn’t surprise me if after he is finished driving he will be more fondly remembered than he is currently.


  5. Good article. I think Vettel is unfortunately bad for the sport. He doesn’t conjure up the same popularity that Schumacher did when he built his dynasty and every time I speak to people about Formula 1, all I hear is that Vettel is too dominant. We have been spoilt with a few champions post-Schumacher until Vettel dominated the scene. Ultimately, it’s a lose-lose situation in the sense that whenever Vettel wins, he becomes more unpopular and less people will watch Formula 1. His greatness (however much comes down to the Red Bull vehicle is for another debate) will undermine the sport itself and his dynasty will never be as popular as his predecessors.


    1. Thanks, I think that Vettel and Schumacher are so similar in many ways, with the biggest one being that both of them when at their peak were boring to watch. The era between the Schumy-Vettel dominance was one of the greatest in F1 history, with so many world champions battling for another chance to win the title, and even in Vettel’s first year of winning it was like that.

      I’m not sure if the misgivings towards Vettel are just from the Western world or not but this is still F1’s base market and if people are becoming frustrated in your base market it isn’t good for the long term future of the sport. The Vettel dominance will eventually end and I’m sure that we will look back at his legacy more fondly than we do now, but I can’t wait for it to end although I seriously doubt it will be this year. Roll on 2014 and Kimi in a Ferrari (you know it’s bad when you’re supporting Ferrari).


      1. There are differences I find between Schumacher and Vettel. Firstly, some, not all, but some people were fans of Schumacher. He’s like Marmite. Secondly, Schumacher’s dominance was split up by Hill, Villenueve and Hakinen, despite winning five in a row.

        Even with people bored of five titles in a row, he had some of the base market, like a Manchester United of F1, if you want to draw comparisons. Vettel, is just plain disliked by the base market for the reason that he has not really been challenged.

        And yeah, I’ve even started supporting Alonso this season… desperate times.


      2. Ha, it is funny with the Alonso thing because when he won his second world championship I supported Schumy because I really didn’t like Alonso, even though in the past I didn’t like Schumy. Now I find myself supporting Alonso because I don’t want Vettel to win (much like yourself), it’s funny how things change. Maybe in five years I’ll be cheering Vettel on because I don’t want some other guy to win, which seems unthinkable now but when I look into my past I’ve done it several times before.

        I also agree that Schumy was either loved or hated, and although I think Vettel is like this also, I think that there are less in the love category for Vettel than there was for Schumy.


      3. Don’t get me wrong I still detest Alonso and Vettel is a more likeable guy but how boring can the title race be this year. And I know very few people who like Vettel.

        To be honest though I don’t like many of the drivers, except for Kimi and Button haha.


      4. Haha, I have to say that I don’t like many of the drivers either and it sort of makes me wonder why I bother watching it, but I still do. I also still don’t like Alonso, but it is at this current time the lesser of two evils. It’s like supporting Arsenal against Man City because I know they won’t challenge for the league and I hate Man City more than I dislike Arsenal.

        Personally the only drivers that I would say I like are Di Resta (he’s Scottish how can I not like him), Rosberg, Kimi and Webber. Everyone else I am either indifferent to or dislike. The problem is all the guys I dislike are at the top of the game.


      5. The awkward moment when you discover I’m a Man City fan (pre-takeover for the record). I like Di Resta and Rosberg too. I wish Kobayashi returned just to see what would happen if Grosjean and Kobayashi were battling each other. I also like Mark Webber in an Eddie Irvine type of way, being the team player.

        But yeah it’s weird why I watch Formula 1. I like the races but this year has been so dull, it’s not even worth following any more. Typical Vettel.


      6. Ooft I almost stopped reading after I’m a Man City fan. There was surely too much agreement going on for this to be true! Haha

        I also liked Kobayashi because he was just so crazy and his overtaking was immense, I was disappointed and surprised when Sauber dropped him. This year hasn’t been what I’d call a classic, shades of 2011.


      7. Yeah I’m a Celtic fan and started supporting City under Stuart Pearce’s era when they couldn’t score a goal at home.

        And Kobayashi is kamikaze. He’s the sort of driver that can make Formula 1 entertaining again despite all the DRS/Tire Management rubbish which affects the racing.


      8. Well at least it isn’t all that bad, at least you support one good team.

        I also hate the DRS/KERS thing in Formula 1 because that is for me moving further away from the actual drivers being the main focus. I don’t mind the tyre management thing because being able to make your tyres last is a skill, although I don’t think it is good when the drivers are driving not to the maximum because of the tyres, nobody wants to see that


  6. For me, it’s not so much against Webber. It was the middle finger he showed to backmarkers when the mistake was his that really tanked my opinion of him everytime he says he respects fellow F1 drivers.


    1. I agree that it isn’t all against Webber, but rather that the most clear cut cases are against Webber. Vettel is one of those guys that if everything is going his own way then he is fine, if anything goes against him then it is everyone else’s fault. He has this idea that he is above everyone else on the grid and I don’t think it helps people in liking him.


      1. You’ll have to remind me, which other F1 driver behaves in the slightest bit differently? They ALL think they are always right. It’s part of what makes them F1 drivers. if you want to find a stick to beat vettel with, and clearly, you do, then keep looking. Because that’s as lame as the “Mark Webber is an obedient team player” nonsense.


      2. It’s a perfectly good stick to beat Vettel with, because it is true. Webber is loyal to the team and has shown obedience by taking the 2nd driver role when he could have went elsewhere and been a big fish in a small pond, but instead he swallowed his ego and accepted he was the no. 2 driver. What Vettel did to his own teammate was despicable and I’m sure almost nothing would have been made of it from the fans end if Webber was told to move aside and let him through. I’m not saying people would have been happy, and I’m not saying Webber would have been happy but at least people wouldn’t be disgusted by Vettel’s actions and then pathetic comments after the race.


  7. “It is however Vettel’s disregard for his fellow drivers that makes people hate Sebastian Vettel.”
    It’s nothing more than excuses and you know it. If F1 ‘fans’ has such high morals they would have been booing Alonso, Hamilton, Button, Webber, Schumacher, Perez, Maldonado, Grojean and a whole lot of more drivers for years.

    Any Alonso fan saying he can’t respect a driver who treats his team-mate unfairly (setting apart whether or not that’s true), is a hypocrite.
    Any Webber fan saying he can’t respect a driver who ignores team-orders, is a hypocrite.
    Any Hamilton fan saying he can’t respect a driver who badmouths fellow drivers, is a hypocrite.

    It are all hypocritical excuses, of which none are unique to Vettel. It’s time for people either to expose the real reason, unique to Vettel, for all that slack, or just admit they’re sore losers who can’t deal with the fact he’s beating their favorite drivers.


    1. I think you make a reasonable point in that most of the top formula one guys are dicks but you surely cannot deny that at this current moment Vettel is the worst, and then the fact that he is also a boring driver to watch (not that it is his fault he is just winning) doesn’t really help. I wouldn’t surprise me if people are just copying other people because they are disenfranchised with the way that Vettel is dominating the sport, and can you blame them?

      Is it fair? No. Does Vettel help himself? Also no. It’s a two way street.


  8. Vettel is not bad for F1. The only thing that’s bad is that every Tom, Dick and Harry has a say now courtesy of digital technology and the internet. And, technology hasn’t made them smarter either; just feel overwhelming entitlement. The blog writer for example – internet access has fueled his/her delirium into thinking he/she can write an article when in fact it’s just hearsay and personal views expressed through the keyboard. Boos in handful (barely) of races doesn’t equate to people hating Vettel in their majority. Alonso should have been booed at Monza for insulting Ferrari, but most people are too dumb to evaluate things for themselves, much less appreciate what irony is. They mostly rely on media to shape their thinking.


    1. One man winning all the time and making boring races is bad for Formula 1, whether that is Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Bernie or his grannie. It isn’t Vettel as a person that is bad for F1, it is his dominance of the sport.

      I think you are naive to think that there isn’t considerable disliking to Sebastian Vettel currently running through F1. This isn’t a one off case, it has been several times now, and it isn’t like booing is particularly common in F1 traditionally (I’m not saying this is the first case).

      As far as your opinions on the internet and stuff go, I couldn’t really care less if you don’t like how people share their opinions, it’s the internet get over it and you’re doing the exact same thing.


  9. Man.. I used to think Hamilton was polarizing.. Now, its Vettel. I had the exact same opinion. I am a huge Ferrari fan, but also, strangely, a Vettel fan too. Loved the way he broke like a gazillion records in 2011. Was shattered that Alonso lost out last year despite his “massive” lead and yes, this year, after Malaysia, I’ve completely turned against Vettel, quite like yourself.

    I used to hate Alonso and Hamilton, but after seeing what they can do in a car that is not so competitive, I respect them now and would like to see what Vettel can do in a not-so-great car before I can respect him again.

    It’s amazing, really, that I hated Alonso’s guts for beating Schumi in his final year for Ferrari, but now, as a Ferrari fan and a Ferrari driver, I’m his fan. What surprises me the most, is not that Alonso fights day in and day out, despite knowing that he’ll probably lose, but that fact that Ferrari, just cannot, make technical inroads into improving their car. They were near-faultless in the Schumi era and now, they’re a shambles. Kinda sad. I hope, with new engines and new team-mates next year, Ferrari can turn it around and beat the living daylights out of Vettel.


    1. I think you raise an interesting point in regards to Ferrari, in that the last time that you would describe them as definitively having the best car would be in the 2004 season where they were absolutely dominant. Since then they have been behind either Renault, McLaren or now Red Bull (I know Kimi won the championship in 2007). I’m not sure what happened but they have definitely not been at the top like they once were over the past 10 seasons.

      With everything pointing towards Kimi signing back at Ferrari then you have to believe as a team they are going to improve, but Alonso showed he doesn’t like playing second fiddle when he was at McLaren and this cannot happen again if Ferrari are going to win the world championship. More competition can surely only be a good thing for F1 though.


      1. Can’t believe Ferrari is on the verge of going the McLaren route. Although, the fact that Kimi and Alonso are friends off-track might not lead to that much tension. But it would be an amazing pairing. Wish we’d seen Schumi and Alonso or Schumi and Kimi pair up. That would be like F1 porn! 😛


      2. It would be interesting to see more big teams put two top drivers together in their teams. Red Bull do it to an extent but Webber is now past his best and has played the team role (much to his frustration the last few seasons) the last few seasons. I also guess to a degree Mercedes do it but Hamilton is clearly their number one driver.


      3. In my mind, Rosberg is a bit like one of the Force India or STR racers – consistently good, but not great. Hamilton-Rosberg is like Schumacher/Raikkonen/Alonso-Massa or Vettel-Webber. Webber was already past his prime when Vettel came along, but while Ferrari and Mercedes still treat Massa and Rosberg with respect, RBR kinda treat him like the local leper. Give him lunch when its time to put on a face for charity, and cast him out when the cameras are off. Really sad to watch.


      4. I think you’re harsh on Rosberg but I would agree that at least he is treated with respect by his team. I’m not so sure Massa is at times, because it seems like he is poorly treated for his loyal service to the team (although quite frankly he isn’t good enough to drive at Ferrari). You’re also right about Webber, they don’t seem to care about him because what is most important to them is to make Seb happy.


      5. bm23 — “Webber is now past his best and has played the team role”

        I can’t believe you keep repeating this blatant lie. There are good things to be said about Mark Webber, but “has played the team role” is most certainly not one of them. He’s synonymous with disobeying team orders. if you unaware of such basic facts then you really should not be blogging on F1. If you ARE aware of the truth and are willfully spreading malicious lies, then you should hang your head in shame.


      6. Again I have answered to your babbling comments several times now and I seem to be answering the exact same points again and again. I get it, we all get it, you hate Mark Webber, get over it. On top of that, you also seem to have an undying love for Sebastian Vettel (which is sort of weird). Ok you like Vettel, good for you, however don’t come on here and talk like you know more than everyone else who disagrees with you because for some odd reason you think you are in the know even though you clearly are not. It is your kind of deluded commentary that makes you wonder why someone on the internet WOULD put their name to anything when they are coming out with such utter pish on a regular basis. I have had some stupid people comment on this blog but none have quite managed to live up to your constant and never ending barrage of hate for Mark Webber, a driver and man who doesn’t really deserve hate.

        Also what is this thing that you keep typing in with your sausage fingers that I am spreading malicious lies? Where are the malicious lies? Do you understand what either malicious or lies mean? I have my doubts based on the context you use them in. There are no lies here. There is no bias. There are only opinions, and if you don’t like then don’t come back, because I couldn’t give two shits whether you do or not.

        Your welcome.


  10. “Webber obliged because he is a good man “???? Well when asked about him disobeying team orders he said ” of course I ignored it as I wanted to gain another position” and about the whole “Multi 21” incident in Malaysia it was Pirelli to blame…. formula One is about racing not competitive tire management that’s exactly what Vettel did , he made a move for the lead ….. oh and Mercedes had their own private test and no one is booing them shouldn’t they be given a bigger penalty ?


    1. You comments about Malaysia are silly, so your saying that it was ok what Vettel did? You surely have to question whether or not Vettel would even have gotten close to Webber if he hadn’t turned down his engine because he had been ensured that Vettel wouldn’t attack him. You can’t just dismiss this as Pirelli’s fault, when it clearly isn’t.

      The Mercedes thing is a totally different matter and they should have been more heavily punished because they have clearly benefited strongly from these tests, but weren’t. You also don’t really boo a team, you would more likely boo a driver (if you were to boo that is) because that’s just how it is.


  11. After reading this garbage i have only 1 conclusion to make: YOU HATE SEBASTIAN VETTEL. Remember Silverstone 2011 where Webber was told to stay behind Seb but tried to overtake?? Besides, Seb said he overtook him in Malaysia because Webber at times could have been more coperative but instead made life harder for him.Mmmmh i think not. If you are going to talk about preferential treatment, why not mention how Massa is treated at Ferrari?? Germany 2010?? China 2010 when Alonso jumped him on his way to the pits?? USA 2012 when Ferrari messed up with his gearbox to give Alonso an advantage?? To be fair even Ayrton Senna broke a gentleman’s agreement with Prost at the 1989 San Marino GP and yet he is idolised by fans and critics alike. Lets appreciate what a good driver he is.

    Speaking of RBR and Seb’s F1 dominion, i think that its perfectly normal. I could name a few seasons in which 1 driver went on to win the championship in dominant fashion and yet their performances were hailed by many… Mansell 92, Prost 93, Prost and Senna 88, 89, 90, Schumi 95, Andretti 78.


    1. First off I clearly don’t think it is garbage, otherwise I wouldn’t have written it and then put it on the internet. So to call it garbage is silly, to say you disagree with it I have no problem with, but garbage? We both know that isn’t true.

      As far as I hating Vettel goes, I don’t hate Vettel and I never have. What is true, is that I have become disengaged with him. I don’t like Vettel, and I don’t like how he dominates F1, because I think it makes the sport boring, but I don’t hate the guy.

      Your point about Silverstone 2011 is a fair point but as I have said to others who have complained about this, every driver has a situation of ignoring team orders. I would put to you that the case this year in Malaysia was by far worse than what Webber did in Silverstone, and then Vettel attitude after the race was pathetic and only endeared the fans to dislike him more.

      Again as I said above ignoring team orders or teams doing things to benefit one driver over the other happens all the time in F1, but for a team that supposedly does not have a number 2 driver these things shouldn’t happen. If you are looking for the best recent example of this you should have talked about Nelson Pique in Singapore 2008 where he crashed so that Alonso would win the race. It isn’t that I ignored any of these cases, it is that I wrote this about Sebastian Vettel, not any other driver.

      The problem isn’t that Vettel and Red Bull have dominated a season of F1, it is that they have dominated 4 seasons of F1 that is the problem. F1 is a sport that requires competition at the top to truly be exciting. For instance the 2011 season was far more boring that this season, but was his 2nd world title, whereas this would be his 4th. It isn’t necessarily a problem with Vettel dominating F1, the same would be the case if it were Hamilton, Alonso or even Button dominating F1. Nobody wants to tune in and watch the same thing every year.


      1. “Your point about Silverstone 2011 is a fair point but as I have said to others who have complained about this, every driver has a situation of ignoring team orders. I would put to you that the case this year in Malaysia was by far worse than what Webber did in Silverstone, and then Vettel attitude after the race was pathetic and only endeared the fans to dislike him more.”

        Maybe i should take you back to the events that occured on that day. Seb was having an excellent race leading it brilliantly. During his final pit stop a problem occurred relegating him to 2nd after Alonso overtook him. Based on that mishap the team told Webber not to race against Vettel, with Webber not following the orders. From what i can conclude the only difference between the two incidents is that Webber failed to overtake Seb on this occasion. He had a violent reaction after the race but then we all seem to forget that. As they say do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Surely, didn’t Webber get a dose of his own medicine?


      2. If you take that notion then surely the first occurrence of this between Vettel and Webber was in Turkey 2010 where Vettel basically drove straight into Webber after being told to at all costs not make contact, and make sure that both cars finish 1-2. He ignored that and went for a pass that wasn’t there, and cost Webber the race and took himself out of it as well. So if we are going for doses of medicine, seems Vettel is due one from Webber. Plus add the points that Vettel cost Webber from his selfishness (it’s 17 if you’re wondering) and compare it to the points Webber has cost Vettel (it’s 0 if you’re wondering).


  12. In all honesty i blame Webber for what happened in Turkey. He was saving fuel and the Mclarens were baring down them. If they kept positions then surely they would have been sitting ducks. Maybe Seb was a little too aggressive but then Seb was the biggest loser. Webber finished 3rd which is where he would have ended up had the Mclarens caught up. Now am actually beginning to doubt whether you really watch races or rely on hearsay.


    1. Pathetic reply, well done. You doubt that I watch races at all? Ridiculous comment. I could easily ask you the same question after your stupid comment, that blamed Webber for Vettel running into him. A little too aggressive? Clearly you have forgotten the actual overtake, as Vettel tries the overtake, has only half is car in front and turns into Webber trying to take the racing line. Your idea that Webber would have finished 3rd anyway is stupid also if you then thought that Vettel was faster. Now that is mere hearsay, because you are assuming something that you have no idea of knowing. Maybe Webber was conserving fuel and using Vettel as a buffer in doing so, you don’t know.

      You clearly disagree with me, and that’s fine but to come on here and insult me on two occasions just because I don’t have the same opinions as you is truly pathetic. To also question whether I watch F1 races shows your lack of maturity in the matter, clearly I do and I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t. I have treated you up to this moment with nothing but respect, you should try it sometime.


  13. You hit the nail on the head. Every time I hear or see Vettel I cant help but think of the post race scene where Webber confronts a sheepish Vettel why he chose to ignore team orders.
    That was the day Webber may have decided he’d had enough of Formula One, and thousands with him.
    Christian Horner may say he doesn’t understand, Martin Brundle may be upset during the podium interview, but the booing is going to continue.
    Horner prophesied the price Vettel would have to pay when he came on the radio, after Vettel took the checkered flag. “I hope it was worth it Seb. You must have wanted this one really bad.”
    The rest is history.


    1. Yeah, I wrote this after Monza and we saw an even more dominant performance at Singapore. I was surprised to hear some booing from the crowd when he did his interview in Singapore (or what I thought was booing anyway) because I thought it may have been a Western World thing, apparently not.


  14. First of all, fantastic post! It really lives up to the tagline of the page!
    I think Vettel is bad for F1, if he keeps on winning. It’s the same cycle of him securing Pole position, diving first to the first corner, still leading in say Lap 38 and ultimately taking the chequered flag, over and over again. A normal human being would reach the state called ‘bored’ shortly.
    At least if Vettel had fought his way up the grid to earn a victory or podium spot and subsequently a WDC, things would have been more interesting (like Abu Dhabi 2012).
    That’s why I’ve been switching my attention to the grid behind Vettel’s rear tyres. I find the action there quite interesting. There are fantastic overtakes, wheel-to-wheel moments and constant change of positions, especially after pitstops.

    To me, Vettel is an arrogant, impatient and self-centered person. The Multi21 incident at Malaysia this year cemented my beliefs. I started hating this guy since Spa 2010, when he crashed into Button. Why couldn’t the so-called ‘Best F1 driver’ pull off a neat overtake? What happened to the superstar in Turkey 2010? I am surprised how Vettel fans (or should I say fan ‘boys’?!) defend him so much for the Turkey incident! Don’t they have eyes and a whiff of common sense to understand that Vettel’s move was poor?!
    There are so many fanboys who say Vettel is in a different league, superior to everyone on track today and so on. Then why not start a Formula Vettel for him alone?! Or have a new ranking system and podium spot viz. Vettel, P1, P2 and P3?!
    I’m not a Red Bull insider to comment whether Vettel gets preferential treatment over Webber. But the fact that he was not properly warned by the team for his desperate overtaking move at Sepang makes me think twice about the Alpha Male status he’s given in the team.
    Webber has admitted the fact that Vettel gets more out of his car than he does. That said, I don’t think he’s a less-than-average kind of driver. If you see the stats, Webber has finished 3 places below Vettel, on an average in the season so far.

    Is the so-called ‘fastest car on track’ helping him do this?
    Or is it because he’s actually got talent?

    Both are against the claims and likes of Vettel fans!
    Vettel’s got only one major technical failure this year – Silverstone. Webber seems to have reliability issues with his car all the time. Now, I don’t think his driving is causing it! And isn’t it fishy when only Webber is hit by bad luck?
    Speaking of Webber, it was terrific to see him hitch a ride on Alonso’s Ferrari. But silly F1 rules…

    Frankly, I am happy to see Vettel getting booed at, because I hate him! But that’s probably not an excuse for the fans’ behavior. Why do you think a Winner like Vettel is getting booed at? That too at most circuits? He can joke that they are on a tour to boo him, but I’m sure he’s not all cool with it as he acts, when hundreds of people boo at him while on the podium top spot!
    Hamilton and Button, even his own team-mate Webber has stepped-up to say that it’s not a right thing to do. I don’t think ‘Narcissus of Formula 1’ (read Vettel) would have done the same for any other driver in such a situation!

    Vettel is on the way to his 4th title and I believe, if at all it’s possible, only Alonso can stop him. I think he’s been working really hard with a car that’s not at its best. For the rest of the season I’ll still keep my eyes out for the fight on the track below P1. It will be fun to watch Alonso, Iceman, Webber and Hamilton battling it out!
    2014, I hope it’s going to be ‘interesting’!


    1. Thanks man, I wrote this after Monza and you wouldn’t believe the amount of hits I got on it after Singapore because so many people were typing in thing like ‘Vettel is boring’ and ‘Vettel bad for Formula 1’. The idea that Vettel is making F1 very boring is not a minor held belief.

      Vettel is a talented driver, but he is definitely in a car that is far superior to anyone else on the grid. You are right about the Vettel fans being totally oblivious to the fact that he has had numerous occasions where he has done less than above board things.

      Webber doesn’t perform to the same level as Vettel does and you can see there has been a much more noticeable drop off this year than in the previous year. However he is clearly in the inferior car, which is part of the reason his performance is noticeably worst than Vettel’s. Although I agree that Webber has been incredibly unlucky with mechanical failures, I seriously doubt that Red Bull have done that deliberately. All the money is in the constructor’s championship, and Webber is a vital part of that for Red Bull.

      I wouldn’t say I am happy about Vettel being booed, and feel that F1 as a sport deserves to get booed more for being so noncompetitive. You can tell that it really bothers him and is also really bothering the drivers and the ex-drivers. I was really surprised that he was booed in Singapore and felt it may have been more of a European thing, clearly not. People copy each other, and there is definite annoyance at the current product that F1 are producing.

      I can’t see Vettel not winning the title, but you can only hope that next year is better and that the other big teams are more competitive. After all Formula 1 isn’t about what is happening in the race for 4th (regardless of how exciting it is), it is the race for 1st, that’s how it should be, however that isn’t how it has been.


  15. I don’t think it’s just Vettel that’s bad for F1 as such.To me it’s the above average driver in arguably the best car on the grid.Vettel isn’t winning his fourth championship,but Adrian Newey is winning his ninth in my view.
    I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet with some of the Vettel glory hunters.They accuse Lewis Hamilton of being smug and arrogant but to me Vettel is a bit more so. I think the best driver is Fernando Alonso,although not a huge fan,closely followed by Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.
    Vettel usually does lead from the front.The car gets off the line better than most so he doesn’t have much to challenge him,bar the unlikely retirement.
    I would respect him more if he had an equal team mate who was allowed to challenge him and he beat them.I can understand Mark Webbers point of view,and I thhink Daniel Ricciardo will be Vettels bitch,hired to make him look even better.


    1. There is no doubt that the best car on the grid the past four years has been the Red Bull, and obviously Newey is a huge part of that. However I do think Vettel is more than an above average driver, the guy won a race in a Toro Rosso, and he is an excellent driver. He isn’t however the best driver on the grid, and I would agree that Alonso in my opinion is definitely the best driver on the grid but in what is arguably the 4th best car (behind Mercedes and Lotus, although I did say arguably).

      Lewis Hamilton is hugely smug and arrogant, and I would say is easily the worst driver on the grid. I would also say that Hamilton is one of the most over rated drivers in F1. He is an excellent over taker but isn’t actually that great a driver and let’s be honest only won his championship because of a huge slice of luck (the whole cake sort of luck).

      To be honest it isn’t even a question of whether or not Vettel has an equal team mate or not because his first championship Webber was equal if not maybe slightly better than him. However the team clearly seen him as the number one driver and therefore he got preferential treatment in regards to upgrades.

      The Korean GP was a good race, especially after the two safety cars, it was exhilarating stuff. However as I keep saying in these things, I want to see that sort of racing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, not for 4th, 5th, 6th or 10th, 11th 12th.

      You can only hope that next year is better, but hope doesn’t get you very far.


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